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Zajednica Susret

Croatia - Zajednica Suret

The humanitarian organization called “Zajednica Susret” (Community of Encounter) has been operating in the Republic of Croatia for more than two decades now. Its core activity is prevention and out-of-hospital treatment of addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other forms of addiction. The organization was formed in 1990 by Bernardica Juretić, holder of master’s degree in psychology, president of the organization until 2015, and a prominent activist in the fight against drugs, founder and instigator of the first therapeutic community in Croatia and in this part of Southeastern Europe. Current president is Suzana Horvat Kutle. The activity of Zajednica Susret is based on the social program called “Projekt Čovjek” (Human Being Project) which places the focus first on an individual and only then on the problem at hand.  The project is structured, and it has no religious connotations.  In our community work, we place a great emphasis on the protection of human rights, with the focus on those groups that are placed on the margins of the society. Drugs addicts, who are at the very centre of our activity, most certainly rank among those on the margin that need help so that they do not evolve into a threat to their families and the society in general. The promotion and protection of human rights, with the focus on vulnerable groups, regardless of gender, education, nation and religion, is woven into the very fabric of our work. Our activity is based on the work for public benefit and wellbeing, with full acknowledgement of each person’s innate right to dignity, and the right to equal treatment for all members of the family and the society in general. Our actions are aimed at strengthening positive attitudes toward marginalized groups, including the persons addicted to narcotic drugs, alcohol  and gambling.The society in which we live and work regards them as second class citizens while we, in Zajednica Susret, understand and recognize them as persons just like us, but burdened with an extra problem.Wishing to improve their position in the society, we relentlessly promote the values of equality among all social groups and categories.

So far, we have participated in many programs and projects in collaboration with the local community, schools, government institutions, NGOs and also with similar associations abroad. Projects and programs in which we have participated were through calls for tenders from the state, the local community, World Bank, Cards Projects, Dutch Embassy, Renovabis, local sponsors (banks, individuals, businesses, etc.). Important projects that we have done in the prevention and treatment of addictions are: "Stay Clean" (2012-2015), "Benjamin", "A New Beginning" (2012-2015), "The New Benjamin" ( 2014-2015), "The doll at the thread" (2014-2017). It is clear that our organization has so far funded the Government Office for the fight against drug abuse, the City of Zagreb, Djakovo and Split, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, the Zagreb County, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, and so on. Thus "Zajednica Susret" has developed in the 25 years of its activity a good cooperation with important institutions in Croatia (Government Office for Drug Abuse Control, Justice and Ministry of Health, Administration for Prison, Juvenile Courts, Probation Administration, Croatian Employment Office in all regions, Centers for Social assistance, addiction prevention and outpatient treatment centers for addicts, hospital addiction units (Vrapce Psychiatric Clinic and Sv.Ivan, KBC Sestre Milosrdnice - Addiction Unit).


Humanitarna organizacija "Zajednica Susret"

Sjedište: Zagreb

II. Cvjetno naselje 17A

01/60 40 198

01/60 40 198




Zajednica Susret


Zajednica Susret




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