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Rådgivningscenter Tønder - Misbrug

Denmark - Rådgivningscenter Tønder - Misbrug


Rådgivningscenter Tønder - Misbrug:

Rådgivningscenter – ambulatory counselling and treatment offer for citizens with alcohol and/or drug abuse

RC is a public institution in the community of Tønder. This means that the counselling and treatment is free. In Denmark there is a law that you will receive counselling and treatment against alcohol and/or drug abuse within 14 days after you have contacted RC institution for help.

The offered treatment is almost always ambulatory. In rare cases, when the ambulatory treatment does not work, the offer can be a stay in a treatment home. These treatment offers are bought from private treatment homes by the community of Tønder. The treatment plan is followed closely by personnel from RC.

The ambulatory treatment consists of the following:

  • Examination, diagnosis and determination af problem areas
  • Individual counselling and therapeutic treatment
  • Talks with family and relatives
  • Group therapy
  • Medical treatment
  • Preventive fall back treatment or stationary treatment and or ambulatory treatment
  • Different offers for family relatives
  • Coordination between different treatment offers

RC offers their knowledge of treatment and alcohol/drug abuse through education and supervision/coaching of relevant personnel in the community of Tønder.



Offers for senior citizens with abuse problems in the community of Tønder

This is an offer of residential care funded by the community of Tønder.  The target group is adultsfrom 18 yearswho suffer from alcohol dementia.

The residentsare characterizedby amassive consumptionof alcohol through many years and a continuing active abuse.
As a result of the alcohol abusetheirmental, cognitiveandsocialresourcesarereduced in a way that they no longer have the ability, without the help of professionals, to face the challenges of the routines and problems everyday life brings.

These people can move into "Solgaarden" and get the individual help they need. Daily care and the feel of secure in their home as well as the support to quit or cut down on their abuse.

Assistance in their own homes (

If acitizen inthe community of Tønder needs helpto keep up everyday lifebecause they are mentallyill there is the possibility of getting assistance in their own home. The assistance is at the time an education in learning to cope with their symptoms. This supportingcare is planned with the citizen individually, depending on the needs of the citizen and the problems he or she describes. Many of these citizens have an active abuseand canalso get helpand support that further helps to quit or reduce their abuse.

In both offers the community of Tønder pays the staff that carries out the care. A central public authority handles all applications/requests from citizens requesting such assistance. This authority also decides who is in the target group for the offers.

Country specific information on the topic of elderly people with addiction - Denmark

In Denmark there are two areas of focus. These are academically and in terms of treatment when working with the elderly people and addiction.

  1. Elderly with alcohol addiction. Tendency – the last year have shown an increase in the number of elderly with alcohol addiction. In the treatment offer the focus is to find a way to acknowledge the addiction as early as possible, increase the motivation to talk about or treat the problem and supervision/ konsulting for the professional staff.

  2. Elderly and physiologically/mentally severely troubled people with year long addiction. How do you support this target group in the best way possible for them to live a normal life, understand, process and allow the treatment and health related help. For example establishing alternative health care homes for elderly with illness from addiction.
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Rådgivningscenter Tønder – Misbrug
Østergade 65
6200 Tønder

+45 74 92 88 06




Rådgivningscenter Tønder – Misbrug

Ina Lorenzen Kier

+45 74 92 88 55
Rådgivningscenter Tønder - Misbrug

Kiehn Ærensgaard

+45 74 92 88 60
Psychiatrie und Handicap

Henrik Bang
Betreuer und Kontaktperson

+45 74 92 92 92
Psychiatrie und Handicap

Christiane Kristensen

+45 74 92 94 20
Wohngemeinschaft Solgården
Betreuung im eigenem Heim

Annette Callesen Friis

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Wohngemeinschaft Solgården

Jytte Detlefsen

+45 74 92 87 19


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